Hi there. I'm a multidisciplinary creative, former urban planner, and historian for hire. I have a wide and varied background that you'll find detailed on my LinkedIn page. The easiest way to explain it all? I'm a quick study and curious to a fault. I can write engagingly about eye-bleedingly dull topics, talk as easily to senior execs as I do to college kids, and know the difference between an en dash and a hyphen.

Poke around the site; you'll see what I mean. From blog posts to career guides, banner ads, and video scripts, I've written in diverse voices for many audiences. My editing abilities are similarly far-ranging, encompassing YA, biographies, quarterlies, academic titles, and more. I'm also a content strategist with experience producing social media strategies, content plans, content audits, wireframes, and sitemaps.

Project management? Yes, that too. I spearheaded 7 multiyear legislative projects as a city planner.

I've also been awarded writing residencies by Signal Fire and Mustarinda. Please consider supporting both organizations. They're the best!

Oh, and my name? You pronounce it shell-oh. I also pronounce it that way.